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3 Things Product Videos can Accomplish

by Ryan Foringer on Dec 3, 2015 2:44:00 PM

published on Dec 3, 2015 2:44:00 PM

Video content is like gold in the content marketing world. It allows you to engage, create emotion and inspire your viewers to do some sort of action or feel some sort of way. Video content is unique from all other forms of content because of its ability to resonate and hold long lasting impressions in viewer’s minds.  Video content can come in a variety of forms with many different purposes for example a company might create a video to recruit new employees, educate viewers about a certain topic or create a commercial that will creatively get call-of actions across to the consumers. These are just a few examples of what video content can do and be. One effective form of video content that shouldn’t be forgotten is a product video, which acts as an explainer video that can effectively demonstrate the benefits of a product.

 Turn Viewers into Buyers

When someone views a video about a product they far more likely to buy that product or service then they would be if they didn’t see the video. In fact there was as study done by Video Rascal, which proves this. They concluded that 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product once they see the product video. Product videos are successful into converting viewers into customers because they can explain your product or service and why that person should buy it and what separates you from a competitor. A lot of times seeing the product in a video format rather then a picture of voice allows the consumer to feel more connected to the product or service and can make them feel more comfortable during the buying process. Product videos are also great ways to track how many people may be interested in your product or service because each time someone views your video you know which is a good indicator in how many potential customers are out there.Image result for video into buyers

Help Retain your Audiences Attention

Creating a product video has great potential in having an immediate impact on getting consumers to notice your product and understanding why it’s beneficial to them.  If your video is told in the form of a story that is creative and impactful you are more likely to convert viewers into customers.  People like watching videos vs. reading something especially videos that are made well. Besides Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine serving billions of viewer’s everyday. It has been proven that people in fact learn more and take in more information when they watch a video compared to reading or listening to information.  The best form of promotion is without a doubt word of mouth, if someone sees your video and they find useful or interesting they are likely to share it with their networks both online and offline.Image result for audience attention


Product videos are great way to explain and clarify what your product or service does, especially if it’s something that is hard to grasp just by reading text. When people read text everyone interprets it differently and imagines the product or service in their way. A product video can take care of any confusing parts and really paint an accurate representation of your product to the viewer. Product videos can also be told in the form of animated videos, which can be perfect for a product or service that is really abstract and hard to understand because animation has the ability to showcase anything that can be drawn and created by the imagination.

When creating a explainer video it is important to remember that the main point is to show how your product or service fits into a bigger picture and help the consumer achieve their end goal. You don’t want to get caught up in the smaller details of the product which could take away from your main overall message.Image result for clarification

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