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5 Common Myths about Content Marketing

by Christina Pellegrino on Apr 9, 2015 9:40:00 AM

published on Apr 9, 2015 9:40:00 AM

Content marketing is an increasing trend that many people still have uncertainties about.  When content marketing is used effectively in a marketing campaign, it can improve your campaign strategy. Some are hesitant of using content marketing because of the many misconceptions believed to be true.



Myth 1: Content Marketing is exclusively about producing content

Content marketing is an approach that helps you achieve marketing goals. It integrates distribution, interaction, and communication.  Content marketing is growing at a rapid pace due to the utilization of integrated content marketing.  Although content is important how the content is distributed and the ways you interact with consumers creates an effective marketing strategy. 


Myth 2: Content Marketing is no different than social media

Content marketing is much more than creating blogs posts and updating social media statuses.  In order to have social media networks that engage and interact with your audience, you first need something to share. Incorporating your marketing goals into a social media plan will help your content encourage interaction and create a conversation on social media.


Myth 3: Content Marketing is just an alternative approach

Traditional marketing alone no longer gives your company a cutting edge. Now, it is all about link building, integrating content, and engaging your audience. Additionally, content marketing helps reinforce your core mission and business goals. Therefore, using digital integrated marketing gives your company an advantage.


Myth 4: Free Content does not benefit my brand

Producing content is about gaining and attracting customers to your company. It may seem as if free content has no benefit, but using a content marketing assessment will help you see areas in which your content and strategy could improve.  Also, producing content helps create a strong and positive brand reputation.


Myth 5: Content marketing is quick and easily done

It takes time for content market strategies to produce results. Effective content marketing takes time and requires using a strategy that is different than methods used in traditional marketing.  In addition, successful content marketing incorporates a company’s goals into the different content methods.


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