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The Different Ways You Can Utilize Corporate Videos

by Laura Saeli on Jun 23, 2015 11:06:00 AM

published on Jun 23, 2015 11:06:00 AM

For brands and businesses, video is being utilized more than ever for many different purposes. Whether it be for external or internal use, video is providing a more social, interactive, mobile, profitable and brandable form of business communication. 


Here is a list of five different types of corporate video that can be rendered to communicate important messages to your audience.

  1.      The Brand Video

The best corporate videos reflect and project your brand in a way that the audience engages with it. Try to offer a new perspective and surprise your audience while also remaining consistent with your brand.

  1.      The Recruitment Video

Video is a great form of recruitment because it is a very simple way to communicate the personality of your company. There are many different ways to approach a recruitment video, one of which is the talking head. This entails an employee describing a day in their life and how working for the company has been a positive experience.

  1.      The Issues Video

Video can be an effective tool of getting across complicated messages. Use video to stand out and address an issue that relates to your company.

  1.      The Reputation Video

When an issue occurs, video can play a huge role in crisis management. For example, after their oil spill, BP created a video campaign called “BP’s Commitment to the Gulf” which helped them regain the public’s trust in their brand and has received thousands of views on YouTube.

  1.      The Sustainability Video

Sustainability and environmental impact is a huge issue for many companies. Video allows for a simple way for these issues to be addressed and make people understand what your company is doing to minimize its environmental impact.


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