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Don't Make These 4 Common Mistakes with Your Video Advertising

by John Moran on Mar 18, 2015 8:21:00 AM

published on Mar 18, 2015 8:21:00 AM

If you've paid attention to some of our previous blog posts, you know how valuable a video campaign can be. The right videos can do things like create leads, improve ROI, and generate revenue. 

Many companies dive head-first into a video campaign, ready to tap into this incredible potential. When their videos fail to match their expectations, they declare the medium a failure and move on. 

Don't let this happen to you! Make sure your video campaign excels by avoiding these four common mistakes:

Too Long

One of the biggest factors that decides how popular your video will be is how long it is. Before a visitor watches even a second of your video, they may decide to navigate away if the video is too long. 

What's the perfect length for your videos? Research shows that it's best to make it as short as possible. For every additional 30 seconds, viewership will drop off significantly.

In general, you should aim to make your videos 2 minutes long at most. If it's a testimonial or product description, you can add an extra minute or so. Video advertisements should be kept even shorter.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Even though videos should be an important piece of your marketing mix, you can't make one just to make one. Every single video you produce should be part of a specific marketing campaign, with a specific goal in mind. 

Whenever possible, your videos should be tailored to their intended audience. This includes tone, content, and placement. 

It's also important to make sure you don't throw too much information out at once. If you don't focus on a single message, it'll be much harder to convince a viewer to take action.

Video advertising

You don't want to confuse your viewers when they're watching your video!

Technical Problems

Even if your content and length are perfect, technical problems can still cause your video to fail. 

Loading time is one of the biggest factors in how often a video is often. Predictably, the slower a video loads, the less views it has. A loading time of only four seconds will cut viewers by a quarter. If your video takes more than ten seconds to load, viewership could be cut in half. 

Another important technical aspect is the viewability of your video. A viewable video is defined as one that covers at least half of a screen for two consecutive seconds. Viewability has a positive impact on branding, purchases, and repeat business. 

Making your video too small, or utilizing ads that are likely to show up out of a screen are easy ways to kill viewability. 

Hiding It

All the troubleshooting in the world won't save your video if nobody sees it. For every video you produce, you need to have a plan to share it. This can include:
  • Social media. For extra views, go beyond your own followers and promote it in relevant Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities.
  • SEO. You must optimize your videos, too. On YouTube, for example, you can do so with descriptions. Create a lengthy description full of relevant keywords.
  • Cross-promote. Use other forms of advertising to drive attention to your video content. This can include your blog, email campaigns, or even future videos.

Video advertising

Don't force your video to stay inside along like this!

Building the perfect video advertising campaign can be tricky. If you'd like help from a company with twenty years of marketing experience, make sure to reach out to us! You can do so by visiting us at our website or calling us at 617-576-3100.


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