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How to Get More Traffic By Promoting Your Content

by Laura Saeli on Jul 21, 2015 9:03:00 AM

published on Jul 21, 2015 9:03:00 AM

Trying to get more traffic on your online content can be hard. Sometimes its not a matter of how great your content is, but rather how well your promote it. Promotion always plays a key factor in the success of driving in content traffic.


Here are some tips on how you can start successfully promoting your content.

  1. Think cross-channel

Time to start thinking outside the box in terms of the ways that you can promote your content. Start blending search, social and email. Email and social helps you stay connected to your audience, social and search helps you bring in new traffic and subscribers, and search and email gives you visibility with your readers. This can mean creating email subject lines, Facebook posts and tweets that grab peoples’ attention and surprise the reader.

  1. Make your blog your primary networking tool

Take advantage of all the networking capabilities that blogs provide. Broaden your network by starting conversations and deepening connections with influencers. This means starting a discussions that powers people to join in, moving the conversation from your blog into social media, writing detailed responses and comments and always mentioning specific people who would be interested in what you wrote.

  1. Constant collaboration

Collaboration is key to promoting your content. It strengthens your network and goes beyond simple outreach. Make strong collaborations by interviewing key players in your field and asking them to contribute a quote.

  1. Get Strategic

Start getting strategic in how you post your blogs. Begin with a plan to dominate a topic within your niche and then systematically create the posts required to make it happen. This entails offering value on several sub-topics, targeting several key phrases, including content in various formats, appearing on more than one site, and including collaborated content.

  1. Do some analysis

Use the insights gained from your analytics to influence your upcoming promotion strategy. This means, learning which posts drew the most traffic, knowing which social media networks pulled in what kinds of visitors, and knowing which topics got the most attraction. From this information, you an them adjust your promotion strategy accordingly.


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