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How to Get More Traffic on your Videos

by Laura Saeli on Jun 16, 2015 9:28:00 PM

published on Jun 16, 2015 9:28:00 PM

Looking for more views on your videos? With so many videos on the Internet, it can be nearly impossible to receive a substantial amount of views. Here are some helpful tips on how you can build up traffic on your videos and gain the recognition you deserve.

  • Use More Keywords in Your Video Tags

The more keywords you use, the more opportunities it creates for people to find your video. Loading up your video with multiple keywords gives your video a bigger chance of coming up on peoples search bar results. For example, if you put up a video about fruit and only use the keyword “fruit,” then your video will only appear when people search that keyword. However, if you include more keywords such as “pineapple” “orange” “energy” “vitamins” and so on, your video has a much bigger chance of being viewed.


  • Direct links to your video

External SEO is a great way to boost the rankings for pages on your domain. When you have lots of authority websites directing links to your video, they rank higher for their keywords, which will boost the number of visits to your website. From your website, people can then watch more of your videos and boost their rankings.



  • Put Keywords in Your Title

It shouldn’t come as a shock that putting keywords in your video title helps boost the number of visits your video gets. Insert keywords into your video title when they are relevant and be sure to choose descriptive words that will help viewers quickly understand what your video is about.


  • Insert Videos at the End of Your Video

Posting your video opens the opportunity to share any of your other related videos with viewers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to link at least 2 other videos of yours at the end of each video you post. Linking more videos will help build up your online network and video traffic.




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