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How You Can Utilize Corporate Video

by Laura Saeli on Jul 20, 2015 11:33:00 AM

published on Jul 20, 2015 11:33:00 AM

Today, corporate video production plays a huge role in the success of a business. Corporate videos help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a relationship between themselves and their consumers.


Not sure on what type of corporate video would be best for your company? Here are some of the best ways you can use corporate video to build your brand.

  • Recruitment

Video is a great tool to recruit new prospects and employees. This could mean anything from an upbeat message targeting young ambitious graduates to an informative mini documentary to target specialized experts.

  • Corporate culture

Corporate videos can be used to give affirming reports on the company’s activities and promotional opportunities. These kinds of in-house videos can build team spirit and a sense of community for current employees, encouraging a positive and productive work environment.

  • Company promo

One of the most important kinds of corporate videos is a promotional video that tells all about the business itself. Promo videos are a valuable tool for any company to have.

  • Training or conference videos

The importance of corporate video production is often highlighted for training purposes because they can be an effective and cost-effective way to educate large groups of people.

  • Marketing

Corporate videos are mostly commonly used for marketing. The target audience is new and repeat customers, the purpose is to create demand, and the result desired is increased sales and revenue.


If you don't have a lot of experience creating videos, Blue Wave Marketing is here to help. We have 20 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies market and enhance their brand. We'll be able to work with you to develop your ideal message, then help you build the perfect videos to convey it. 

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