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Moving Off the Screen and Onto Shelves: Candy Crush Expands Its Market

by Laura Saeli on May 28, 2015 2:03:00 PM

published on May 28, 2015 2:03:00 PM

If you aren’t familiar with it already, Candy Crush, is a mobile/social puzzle game about sweets that has worked its way to become the most profitable iOS game in the world. The app has single-handedly helped its developer company, King, reach over 70 million active players on both Facebook and mobile devices across the globe.

In efforts to keep the success going, the company has licensed its first product deal: Candy Crush Socks.


Launching a deal with Happy Socks, the company will release two pairs of socks based on the wildly popular game. The socks will reflect the game’s upbeat and playful personality that earned it is strong fan base. 

Studies show that promotional products such as the Candy Crush Socks are a highly effective way to circulate brand awareness and leave a lasting effect on consumers. According to a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International, promo products were the second most preferred source of advertising when compared to television, billboards, magazines, Internet, radio, posters, newspapers, word-of-mouth and yellow pages.

In addition, business marketing research reveals that 90% of average American consumers have admitted to recently owning a promotional product, 52% reported having a favorable impression of the brand after receiving it and over 84% reported remembering the company of the promo products that they received. 

With the release of its new promo socks, the Candy Crush saga is now more than just a popular game, it is now a brand. Although the company is starting with socks, we can expect to see other Candy Crush products making their way into stores in the near future.


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