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New Study Shows More Video Ads are Viewable

by John Moran on Mar 9, 2015 8:30:00 AM

published on Mar 9, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Video's power is growing even quicker than you think.

In the last quarter of 2014 alone, there was an incredible increase in video viewability. A viewable video ad is defined as one that covers at least half the viewable area for two or more seconds in a row. 

A new study by Integral Ad Science found that in the third quarter of 2014, average video ad visibility was 30%. By the end of the third quarter, however, it had grown to 30%-- an increase of almost 10%!
What This Means

What this means is that your video ads are more likely than ever to be seen. Ads often don't load for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them include:

  • They load out of view on the page.
  • They don't load properly.
  • The browser plug-in it runs on isn't supported or properly set-up.
  • Ad blocks are used.
  • User is switching back-and-forth between tabs.

Part of the increase in viewability is due to mobile traffic. Ad blockers are less common, and most pages are optimized for mobile viewing, make video ads clearly visible. Another reason could be websites simply optimizing themselves more for video viewing, due to its increasing popularity.

No matter what the exact combination of factors that's increasing viewability is, it's going to have a tremendous impact on your campaign's success. Continue on to find out exactly how it can help you. 

Video ads

No matter how or why your video is being viewed, the important thing is that it's being viewed!

Why It's Going to Help You

If you're a company that already utilizes video ads, this is great news for you. It's clear that the more true views your video has, the more effective it's going to be. You may be surprised by exactly how many benefits you can reap from this trend, though.

Two major online media companies, Adconion Direct and Millward Brown, recently teamed together to determine the true value of true ad viewability. According to this study, here's exactly how increased viewability is going to help:
  • Better branding. If an ad is in view for over 100 seconds, the viewer's ability to recall your brand is quadrupled.
  • More purchases. A viewable impression doubles the chance that a viewer will purchase your brand at some point in their life.
  • More repeat business. Viewers who make purchases in your category at least once per month are most likely to be impacted by a viewable ad.
  • More successful future campaigns. Viewable ads increase in power the more often they are viewed. Even seeing two impressions instead of one increases purchase intent by 50%.

Increased sales are obviously great, but the last point might be the most important of all. If you've read our free eBook on Integrated Branding & Graphic Design, you know branding offers a ton of great benefits (and if you haven't, click here to download it for free!).

Some of the key benefits of branding are more referrals, setting yourself aside from your competition, and the ability to build a strong emotional connection with your customers. Adding this to your immediate sales benefits, and video ads are clearly an incredible opportunity!

Video ads

This is almost as important as your sales!

If you're not a company that already utilizes video ads, this can still help you out. All you need to do is reach out to us by visiting us at our website or calling us at 617-576-3100. We'll be more than happy to help you start taking advantage of video ads right away!


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