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3 Things Every Company Should Understand About Promotional Videos

by Ryan Foringer on Sep 17, 2015 11:07:00 AM

published on Sep 17, 2015 11:07:00 AM

One problem that many companies face in today’s business landscape, is how to make their company or product stand out from the crowd. In today’s world people are constantly being flooded with images and media everywhere they go.

One way to break through this media rich society and reach your target audience is a promotional video. Promotional videos are a great way for a company to generate leads, raise awareness for their company or product and drive traffic. Language by itself can make it hard for listeners to fully grasp your imagination and vision. A promotional video can give you a chance to capture people’s attention as well as give you immediate access to larger audiences. 

A promotional video should be way more than a sales pitch. 

A promotional video should be more than just a sales pitch. The goal of most promotional videos is to sell your company or product to the viewer. However this can be done more effectively by telling a compelling story that resonates with the viewer rather than using cold hard sales tactics. 

People don’t like to be sold to, they want to feel in control of their purchasing power.  When you give a sales pitch there may be a loss of connection between you and the viewer. If your promotional video is told in the form of a story then the audience naturally tries to find a connection with you. Good stories are what keeps people engaged.

If the story is told right, it will come off more authentic. It allows the viewer to make a choice about the product and form their own opinion rather being than being told what to buy. 

2. Quality is everything

A promotional video is only successful if people watch it. Your video’s main goal should not be just a simple promotional message but rather producing content that interests your target audience. The best promotional videos offer some sort of entertainment or educational aspect to it. 

The more memorable and unique your promotional video is, the more people will talk about it and share it with their networks.  Most of us probably can't even remember the last promotional video we watched. If you have high quality content in your video that connects with your target audience, the viewer is more likely to remember your company or follow through with your call to action.

When we talk about quality, were not just talking about the quality of your content. A good promotional video also has to be technically high quality as well. This means sound, resolution and compatibility all need to be of high quality too.  Jupiter Research found that 60% of viewers are less likely to return to a site if the video is low quality.


3. Videos should send a single, clear memorable message.

People are surrounded by information everywhere they go and the truth is, we are not capable of processing and taking all this information in.

Promotional videos should focus on one narrow and clear message that they want their viewer to take away from watching their video.  You want to be able to convey this message quickly, excluding irrelevant information. 

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There should be a clear cut call to action in your video, after all you are trying to get your viewer to do something. Whether it’s buying your product or filling out an information page, your call to action should be obvious throughout the video.

At Blue Wave Marketing, we have over 20 years of marketing experience, and expertise in everything we've discussed above. We work closely with our clients to develop a close relationship, and use that knowledge to develop videos that sync perfectly with your message and culture.

If you believe that Blue Wave Marketing is the perfect video production partner for you, we'd be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you. For more information, call us at 617-576-3100. 

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