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Video Consumption Keeps Growing: Are You Taking Advantage of It?

by John Moran on Feb 20, 2015 8:52:00 AM

published on Feb 20, 2015 8:52:00 AM

Video consumption is growing at an incredible pace, but unless you're already paying attention and taking advantage of it, you'll probably be shocked at exactly how popular it is. 

As a business, you need to be aware of the incredible demand for video, so you can harness and take advantage of it. 

Let's start by showing exactly how popular video is:

The Trend of Video Popularity

YouTube is the largest video content site in the world, so it's a great indicator of video's true demand. Here are some incredible statistics, directly from their site:

  • There are over 1 million unique YouTube users.
  • Hundreds of millions of hours of video content are watched each day on YouTube.
  • YouTube has been localized for 75 separate countries.
  • Among teenagers in the United States, YouTube stars are more recognizable than mainstream celebrities are.
  • A third-party survey found that YouTube is more popular than either television or Netflix.

Mobile devices are trending upward, too. Cisco is predicting that mobile data use will increase tenfold between 2013 and 2018. Considering that almost half of YouTube's traffic comes directly from mobile devices, and that older folks are slowly catching up on mobile video consumption, there's plenty of reason to believe that video is going to keep on exploding. 

Video consumption

It doesn't take a meeting to conclude that video is trending way up!

What It All Means

What this means is that your business needed video content yesterday. It's clear that the world is moving towards digital videos and streaming content. Clinging to the old way of advertising and sharing content could leave you behind. Radio took over newspapers, television took over radio, and the Internet is taking over now- with videos leading the charge.

Branding that used to take place on blogs, television ads, brochures, etc., can reach a wider, more targeted audience using videos. In ten years, it might be the only way to reach core audience segments. You want to get ready for this by becoming an expert in video marketing now. 

How You Can Take Advantage

Video shouldn't be looked at as a burden, it's actually a great opportunity for any business. Videos give you the chance to give consumers a real look at who you are as a company. People will remember a video better than a blog post, so you'll be able to get your personality and brand to really stick. 

Video also gives you the opportunity to become an industry leader in a huge niche than many companies haven't given proper attention to yet. Many companies are just starting to really focus on content marketing, and they'll be spinning their wheels blogging and writing articles while you're way ahead of the trend, focused on video content.

Creating killer video content is more accessible than ever for businesses, no matter what size. With a clear vision, a great script, and some professional equipment, you have everything you need to create elite video content. 

Video consumption

The future for companies taking advantage of video looks bright!

However, if you want a hand growing your video content from the ground-up, reach out to us here at Blue Wave Marketing! We have 20 years of experience with marketing strategy, and have a team of video experts who can get you on the ground running. 

Reach out to us by visiting us at our website or calling us at 617-576-3100.


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