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What is Smarketing All About?

by Nadine Moussa on Nov 14, 2014 4:57:02 PM

published on Nov 14, 2014 4:57:02 PM


Smarketing is the combination of both sales and marketing. 87 percent of the time these two different teams describe each other in a negative light. However, if they do work in harmony with one another, they could cause a 20 percent increase in annual revenue growth. There are a few different ways to get on the same team as each other. Both teams must have related goals; they should receive compensation centered on achieving each other’s goals, and they should be able to see each other’s progress.


So how can the teams help each other out and understand the responsibilities of the other? First off, they should integrate any information they have about the buyer persona with each other so they both understand whom they are trying to reach exactly. Also, they can make teams with one another in order to focus on the different personas they might have to reach. Both teams should set up revenue goals and this includes planning together as well. They can use closed-loop reporting. The benefits of this type of reporting are that the marketing team will know which marketing programs are working and it will also increase their ROI. As for the sales team, it will help prioritize leads as well as improve close rates.

The teams must also make a service level agreement. This includes what each team is supposed to complete in order to help the other. Moreover, the two teams should also hold weekly meetings in order to inform each other what is going on and discuss how they can help each other out. A good way to see if your smarketing is going well is through data. Look at revenue, the amount of leads you have, and sales. Make sure to integrate your marketing and sales teams for success!



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