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What The Future Has In Store for Content Marketing

by Laura Saeli on Jul 20, 2015 10:01:00 AM

published on Jul 20, 2015 10:01:00 AM

Things are always changing with content marketing.  After all, its one of the most popular ways for companies to develop customer relationships, increase brand awareness and directly target their audiences. With so many new trends and changes, it’s important that you stay ahead of what’s to come.

Here are some of the key changes to see in content marketing that will impact your business in the upcoming years.

  • Mobile users will be your priority

Not so surprisingly, mobile marketing is only going to become more popular. Produce your content with mobile users and their devices as your primary concern (think touch screens). To stay on top of this trend, put more of a focus on creating mobile content that users can easily see/read, interact by swiping rather than scrolling, and upload pictures and videos to.


  • Content will be more personalized

People are shown to value content more that appears to be specifically written for them. Steer away from generic content, and write content that specifically addresses the interests and concerns of your consumers.


  • Highly visual

Words can get boring, if you want to stay on top of content marketing in the upcoming years, you will need to use videos, pictures and other graphics on your website and blogs.


  • More collaborative marketing

Expect to see more entities working together on marketing campaigns. Collaborative content marketing requires a lot of cooperation, but it also produces some of the most innovative marketing content. Identify a business that makes the most sense for you to work with and get them on board to create something great.


  • More interactive and condensed

Engage your audience by creating content that will easily capture their attention and be interactive. The use of mobile devices is changing the way people process content, people want to be able to easily see and interact with the content they are given.



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