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What to Include in your Corporate Video Production

by Christina Pellegrino on Apr 7, 2015 9:38:00 AM

published on Apr 7, 2015 9:38:00 AM

Video productions are a growing and effective marketing tactic. However, they are only beneficial when your target audience views the production.  There are numerous video productions for your audience to choose from.  Therefore, it is important to include the right aspects of a video.


High Quality

An audience can tell the difference between a low and a high quality production. The higher the quality of a professional video the better the video will be portrayed. Working with video production services can help ensure a high quality video that will attract your audiences’ attention.



Content is important to a video’s success, but most of your audiences’ attention goes toward the features and design of the video.  The appearance of your video should be attention grabbing and professional. Incorporating your brand/logo into your video is highly effective in having your audience recall your business during the consideration stage of the buyers 


A Story

An effective video conveys a message that delivers an emotional appeal to the audience.  Videos are the most effective form of marketing to portray emotion. Furthermore, consumers like impactful stories that  leave an impression and creates an emotional connection.  Videos with overbearing facts seldom catch a viewer’s emotion, thus, rarely are completed.  This is especially true for promotional videos or product videos. 



Keeping your video short and simple is important to viewers.  In order to have an effective video, it is important to focus on one or two points.  Knowing your target market will help you decide the main purpose of the video. Additionally, your production is focused towards your customers.  Therefore, ensure your multimedia production consist of what they are interested in and what they want to learn from you. 


The Message

Do not pitch in your video. Consumers are exposed to sales pitches all day through advertisements and commercials.  As a result, a successful video production should engage your audience through visual and audio appeals.  Videos are a popular marketing tactic because it conveys a message quickly without overwhelming them.


A good video production takes work, but the end results can be extremely worthwhile. 

Here at Blue Wave Marketing we have over 20 years of video production experience. We direct and produce high quality videos and motion graphics.  Some of our professional experience includes creative direction, post production editing, and storyboard development. If you believe Blue Wave Marketing is the perfect video productions partner, we would be happy to set up a consultation with you.  For more information call 617-576-3100.


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