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What you Need to Know about Branded Merchandise

by Christina Pellegrino on Feb 23, 2015 2:00:00 PM

published on Feb 23, 2015 2:00:00 PM


Branded merchandise can benefit your company in many ways.  It can spread awareness for your company and attract new customers. Additionally, It can be used for promotional products in promotional marketing or be used as a company branded item for a promotional giveaways.  However you use your branded merchandise, your customers are looking for an item is versatile, reusable, attracts their attention.


Branded merchandise has a huge amount of potential to increase your customer base and awareness. The merchandise can help establish a personal and long-lasting relationship with your customers. Additionally, branded items can create a personalized message to your audience, thus, creating a personalized selling experience and establishing a relationship.  Branded merchandising should connect with your audience by speaking for itself.  This means the customers should feel delighted when they receive the item and your company’s message should be delivered from the item.  For example, when choosing a branded item consider your company’s feeling and environment you convey to your customers.  This will help you create branded merchandise that coincides with your existing message and your customer’s perception of your company.



When creating a branded product, it is important to be distinguished from your competitors. Customization is one way to ensure your product is unique.  You can customize your items through your logo, custom embroidery, or through custom screen-printing. However you design your merchandise ensure that merchandise sends a consistent message of your company and corresponds with your customers’ lifestyle. 


When thinking of branded merchandise for your company it is important to consider what your customers want, what your target customers will likely reuse, and is the item quality driven.  While considering these questions remember the purpose of branded products is to extend your branded message and convey a positive emotion through your item.


Here at Blue Wave Marketing, we have over 20 years of marketing experience. We work closely with our clients to develop a close relationship, and use that knowledge to deliver the right message to their target audience.  We create state-of-the-art branded products that are sure to impress your consumers/employees.  If you believe that Blue Wave Marketing is the perfect promotional product partner for you, we'd be happy to schedule a consultation with you. For more information, call us at 617-576-3100.

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