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Why You Need To Become A Content Marketing Expert

by Elina Kozak on Apr 19, 2016 9:40:08 AM

published on Apr 19, 2016 9:40:08 AM

It's no shock that our current world is moving into the technology industry. Many things are advancing such as smartphones and touch screen computers, but also the way marketing is being shared is changing. There is less cold calling and more content marketing. Many companies are taking advantage of free, social media platforms to help promote their business. Social media and blogging are the newest forms of marketing and it can be really successful. It helps bring brand awareness and lead to revenue. With all of this being said, it's impossible to ignore content marketing. It's a booming technique and it's important to stay on top of all of it. Here are some reason why you need to become fluent in content marketing.


Build Relationships With Your Audience

Integrated content marketing helps keeps your audience engaged with your company while teaching perspective customers about your brand.  This can be done through updating social media pages, commenting on customer’s posts, and creating hashtags to increase awareness of your brand’s products and services.  When you establish a relationship and make them feel special and unique, they are more likely to become brand loyal. Just like the snowball effect, if one person learns about your company and enjoys it, they may be wanting to continue to work with you. Then, they may go ahead and recommend your business to a friend. After, you may generate another lead and sale. There are many positive things about content marketing.


Understand Analytics

Sure, one part about content marketing is providing the content. It's important to have a Facebook post or a blog post talking about something related to your company. But it's also important to be able to understand what is happening with the posts. Is one post getting more views? Is another reaching more engagement? Can you see where they are coming from when they click the link? All of this is crucial when understanding content marketing. It is good to know what is happening behind the posts. Think of it as a class experiment; know what is the controlled variable and the dependent variable. All of this understanding will do you well in the future for your company.

Story Telling

Creating content marketing is your company's way of telling a story. It can help you stand out from the crowd and get interested customers to be fully on board with your business. A strong integrated marketing campaign allows customers to get a better understanding of your company. You can explain what your company does through video or through writing. Perhaps you prefer pictures and would rather use a social media platform like Instagram. The options are endless and you can personally tailor you content needs. 



As stated earlier, the new technology movement is everywhere. People are constantly on their phones or working on their computers. They are being bombarded with thousands of messages per day and see many advertisements. Because of this, many people are becoming desensitized to advertising. They need to see something catchy or multiple times for it to get into their minds. With content marketing, you can post on many different platforms and try to push for some recognition. The key is to provide consistent posts so people can readily find you and keep your business on their mind. 


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