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Why You Should Rethink Print Marketing

by Laura Saeli on Jun 12, 2015 4:47:00 PM

published on Jun 12, 2015 4:47:00 PM

With online marketing currently being the most popular form of marketing, print provides companies with the opportunity to stand out with non-traditional marketing.


 As silly as it may sound, print is becoming a non-traditional form of marketing. Here are several important reasons why you should rethink print marketing and include it in your future marketing strategy.

  • It grabs attention

Because there are fewer magazines and print newsletters than ever before, it creates an opportunity for yours to get noticed. Get creative with your print piece and include an eye catching visual or catchy title to make it stand out.

  • It lets people unplug

With so much marketing taking place on digital media, more and more people are actively choosing to disconnect themselves and take a break. Print provides people with the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and appreciate a moment to themselves.

  • There are no audience development costs

Publishers expend a lot of time and money qualifying subscribers to send out their magazines. In many cases, publishers need to invest multiple dollars per subscriber per year for auditing purposes. If marketers choose to distribute their magazines to consumers, they have the advantage of simply using their customer mailing list, providing them with a major advantage.

  • Its retro

Almost all of today’s marketing takes place on social media, online sources and mobile devices. This gives marketers the opportunity to do something seemingly new and use print. What excites media buyers the most is what is not currently being done, giving print marketing a heavy advantage to stand out.


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